Focus on Pioneering Industries – Media and Communication, IT

The Leipzig universities offer numerous educational programs connected to the media sector:  

  • The University of Leipzig has departments for Communication and Media Sciences, Computer Science, Drama, Musical Education, Music, Art Education and Art History.
  • The University of Applied Sciences for Graphic Design and Illustration offers degree programmes for photography, painting/graphic design, illustration/graphic design and medial art. 
  • The University of Music and Theatre offers various degree programmes for music and acting.

In addition, there are technical departments for Media and Computer Science as well as electrical and computer science technology at the HTWK and the Information and Commu-nication Technology and News and Telecommunication Technology departments.

Further institutions that are relevant for the industry are the “Saxon Media Institute”, the “MDM Film Commission” and the German National Library. Company relevant networks offer individual contact possibilities.

The Leipzig Book Fair is the most important spring event in the book and media industry. It has become a well-known brand both within German and Europe.

The Basis:

  • fast growth in new audio-visual media and in the printing industry
  • settlement and concentration of the Central German Radio (MDR)
  • establishment of numerous companies in the film and TV business and the IT industry


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