Cluster - Focus on Future Industries

Focus on Pioneering Industries – Automobile and Automotive Supply Industry

The Cluster depicts an industrial focal point and important trigger for the growth in the manufacturing industry, for services and further settlements also in other industries. The high proportion of export in the automobile industry lets one expect that international business relationships will become closer and more intensive.

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Focus on Pioneering Industries – Media and Communication, IT

The city of Leipzig has become a media city with inter-regional charisma and belongs to one of Germany’s most important locations for the media industry.

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Focus on Pioneering Industries – Health/Biotechnology/Medical Technology/Life Sciences

The Health/Biotechnology/Medical Technology/Life Sciences industry has become an intensively growing centre of development with multifaceted chances in the Leipzig area.

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Focus on Pioneering Industries – Energy and Environment

The region Leipzig has a wide basis of companies, service providers, training and research institutes in the energy and environmental economics industry. Special degree programs with a focus on the energy industry are offered at the University of Leipzig and at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK).

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Focus on Pioneering Industries – Cross-Sectional Technology and Services

The Cluster supports the supply and functionality of all other Clusters with its depth sustainably and thus offers a number of approaches for the development of further independent Cluster structures and networks.

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