The Cluster has a number of cross-sectional technology industries with a high level of developmental potential for the region:

  • the emerging logistics industry with quickly growing flows of goods and use of internet-based technology (E-Logistics, telematics)
  • trade with its dynamic development of sales area and business types with a sales area per inhabitants above the national average
  • tourism and the hotel and restaurant industry with constantly high numbers of guests, long stays by trend and a high number of foreign visitors
  • the Trade Fair and Congress industry with a high proportion of scientific events and with inter-regional social and cultural events
  • dynamically growing company service providers and other public and private services including in the data processing, real estate, architecture, engineering, banking, financing, design, advertising and personnel industries

The Basis:

The Cross-Sectional Technology and Services Cluster is structured heterogeneously but does display uniform characteristics:  

  • high customer orientation
  • highly sensitive of market signals