Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry: moving industry.

The task of the chambers of commerce and industry is to represent the overall interests of their member traders with regard to municipal authorities and regional governments, in politics and in public: to promote commerce.

The Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry sees itself as a service provider promoting all sectors of regional commerce. In doing so it represents the economic interests of individual trade branches or businesses equally, in an even-handed, balanced manner. This makes the Chamber the most important mouthpiece for medium-sized firms in the Leipzig region. Statutory membership ensures that it treats all members neutrally and objectively.

Its tasks can be divided into three important pillars:

  • Representing interests
    The Chamber’s voice is heard in all draft laws and directives related to industry. It acts as an industrial expert in courts and before authorities, basing its viewpoint on company surveys and consultations with boards of specialists.
  • Sovereign functions
    The state has conferred the Chambers of Commerce and Industry with special tasks such as the organisation of practical vocational training and responsibility for corresponding final examinations. Other examples of sovereign duties include appointing experts, verifying international trade documents and delivering statements on land-use plans.
  • Service provision for the regional economy
    By providing practical advice and services the Chamber’s support companies and business founders. The Chamber’s service includes various stock exchange services, legal information, and providing addresses or information about economic structure.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry also works to raise the number of jobs and training positions and achieve business-friendly conditions, e.g. low taxes, as well as working on developing regional infrastructure. By taking part in regional initiatives the Leipzig Chamber is involved in important processes aimed at improving the future opportunities of the Leipzig region.

Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of 81 German Chambers in the DIHK (the central organisation of German chambers of industry and commerce) in Berlin. The DIHK, and its Brussels representative in Brussels, ensures that there is a direct connection to German national institutions and those of the European Union.