The automobile industry and the associated automotive supply industry have attained substantial importance in the region with the investments by Porsche (2002) and BMW (2005).

Various business networks have established themselves in the regions as a result of the settlement of Porsche and BMW in the region:

  • The goal of the Eastern Germany Automobile Cluster (ACOD) founded in 2006 is to help Eastern Germany to distinguish itself as a European center for high-tech products for the automobile industry and to support the creation of regional value-added chains.
  • The network of automotive plastics technology vendors in Saxony (AMZK) is an open network that wants to improve the competitiveness of the Saxon automotive vendors in the field of plastics technology.
  • The mechanical engineering / mechanical processing working committee in the automobile and automotive supply industry deals with the topics R&D within the regional cooperative projects with cooperation in the manufacturing area as well as the recruitment of personnel and supports the companies in winning business aid. 

The Basis:

  • the existence of qualified specialist staff
  • a logical infrastructure
  • the existing network of supply companies