1. Strategically optimal location in the heart of Europe

Business people have always come to Leipzig, to the city of trade and change. Leipzig is a trade fair city and the ideal location for accessing the fast growing Central and Eastern European markets.

Quality concepts, clear decisions, mobility and speed determine growth. Many business people have recognised this and are coming as investors into our city – they are moving production, creating new offices and founding new powerful companies.

2. Region with a future-oriented business structure

The Leipzig region invests in sunrise sectors and is aimed at the formation of clusters. Companies whose work is interlinked combine to create industry networks and cultivate a close relationship between industry and research and development institutions.

Five clusters with promising prospects stand out:

  • Logistics & services
  • Automotive & supply industry
  • Health industry & biotechnology
  • Energy & ecotechnology
  • The media & creative industries

3. Excellent connection to the transportation infrastructure

Leipzig is located directly at the crossing point of two main European transport routes and has profited for hundreds of years from this central position. However, in the Middle Ages covered wagons jolted along the old trade routes and today modern transit and methods of transportation define the transnational logistics crossing:

  • Leipzig/Halle Airport as the gate to global trade, logistics and tourism markets
  • The city and new trade fair grounds are well connected to the motorways
  • Leipzig Central Station: an excellent combination of traffic, logistics, trade and services

4. Attractive Investment Incentives

We support you when it comes to targeted investment funding:

  • Joint Federal/Länder scheme for improving the regional economic structure
  • Investment subsidy (until 2013)
  • Urban development funding programme
  • Funding for rural areas

5. Inexpensive Land and Properties

Land and commercial properties are available for all requirements and every utilization – office, retail, and production facilities, halls and warehouses.

6. Leipzig Economic Region – the right choice for your investment

The region can look to numerous settlements and investments from renowned companies. DHL, Porsche and BMW to name but a few examples. Consequently, a group of service companies have settled in the area.

7. Unbureaucratic support services and fast approval procedures

Leipzig CCI supports and advises entrepreneurs in collaboration with regional promoters of economic development. Planning and approval procedures are completed quickly and unbureaucratically.

8. Leipzig, a region for business – the right place for your trade show exhibition

Leipzig is one of the oldest trade fair cities in Europe and has retained its very special atmosphere right up to the present day. As a modern service provider, Leipziger Messe GmbH today presents a pioneering strategy and a market-oriented structure. Leipziger Messe's current operations revolve around reinforcing foreign business and extending the trade show's services for exhibitors and attendees.

9. A scientific hub – research and teaching for the future

Leipzig guarantees well trained specialised staff in all areas of a future-oriented economy as a city of science with its universities, universities of applied science and research centres:

  • University of Leipzig
    offers scientifically sound and practical degree programmes in humanities and natural sciences as well as medicine and is Germany’s second oldest university (since 1409).
  • Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL)
    founded in 1898 as the first institution for business administration and is one of the leading private elite universities for modern management in Germany.
  • Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK)
    The University of Applied Sciences focuses on engineering and business administration and is highly practical.
  • Renowned Research Institutes and Centres
    The Max-Planck institutes, various Fraunhofer institutes and the German Biomass Research Center as well as the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) and further renowned research institutes and centres represent the scientific-technical advance in the region.

10. Leipzig Economic Region – Culture, Art, Tourism, Leisure and Sport

Leipzig has numerous tourist attractions that are always worth seeing:

  • St. Thomas’s Church and the Bach Festival
  • Gewandhaus and Leipzig Opera, Old City Hall and the Historical City Centre
  • Auerbachs Keller, world-famous because of the „Auerbachs Keller“ scene in Goethe’s „Faust“
  • Battle of the Nations Monument: 2013 is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of the Nations and 100 years since the monument was completed.
  • Leipziger Zoo mit der neuen Riesentropenhalle „Gondwanaland“
  • Water tourism on Leipzig’s rivers and multifaceted use of the nearby lakes

Leipzig is a city of sports – for spectators and athletes:

  • Red-Bull-Arena: architecturally and technically highly modern soccer stadium with 45,000 seats
  • ARENA LEIPZIG - a modern multi-purpose indoor sports hall in the City of Sports
  • 377 sports associations provide training in 90 different sports
  • Top-level German sports promoted at Leipzig Olympic training centre
  • several golf courses in Leipzig and surroundings